Baby Blue: a lens to view artists’ minds

Featuring artwork by Autumn Clark, Caleb Yono, Caroline Jacobson and Anna Showers-Cruser. 

At Baby Blue, Caleb Beck wants to help artists achieve their visions.

Beck started the gallery after finishing graduate school in Boston, where he lamented the lack of cool shows and spaces meant for young artists. Artists ranging in age from early 20s all the way to age 40 can have a lot of trouble finding places that will put up their exhibitions, according to Beck. At Baby Blue, he’s giving that opportunity to Chicago artists.

The space is small and intimate, just one room in a building of lofts occupied by hair salons and gyms. Standing in the gallery, sometimes you can hear the sound of Kendrick Lamar blasting from the barber shop next door.

This doesn’t detract from the experience, but instead adds to it, according to Beck. This kind of DIY, unofficial space sets the scene for a more intimate experience, rather than just another art show at another commercial gallery.

Baby Blue is part of the arts district in Chicago, part of a row of galleries up and down south Halsted. This scene encompasses a lot of what Beck was saying about Baby Blue, that it’s more intimate and much smaller than the larger art scenes in the city. For this gallery, that’s the point.

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