Entanglements Preview

Image courtesy of Her Environment Series

“Entanglements” asks a question that is highly relevant in the modern era: how entangled are humans and technology?

Opening this Saturday, Jan. 26, “Entanglements” is an exploration in the relationship between humans and technology.

Featuring seven artists from Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland and New York, this space is going to be designed to showcase electronics, wires, and art installations meant to challenge the viewer’s thinking about contemporary relationships between humans and technology as well as how human bias informs the design of technology.

Many of the pieces in the show are interactive, such as Snow Xu’s “Perfecthuman Harasser,” a bullhorn which catcalls the viewer as they walk by. Other interactive pieces include Erin Gee’s “Laughing Web Dot Space” and Jen Kutler’s “The Other,” both meant to be a conversation between the artist, the art, and the viewer, instead of a static piece.

Her Environment is a collaboration between curators in both Chicago and New York and features shows hosted in both places. They describe Her Environment as a new media art series designed to showcase feminine spectrum artists using new media as their mediums. Their mission is to “create an intentional space for poc artists, queer artists, non-binary artists, trans and woman artists working in New Media,” according to their website.

“Entanglements” will be hosted at The Yards Gallery in Bridgeport, an artist-run studio and exhibition space. Run by Antonio Linneman, Yue Ren and Will Dryden, these three artists also reside at the gallery. They created The Yards as a not-for-profit space to help foster a sense of community and to break down barriers that can make the art world exclusive and difficult to break into.

While the gallery is generally by appointment only, as it is a private home as well as a gallery, it will be open to the public on Jan. 26 for the opening of “Entanglements.” More information can be found on the Facebook page for the event.

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